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Metaxa 5 Star.pdf

METAXA 5 Stars has a floral character, revealing notes of muscat and brioche.

Spyros Metaxa set out to reach a level of smoothness and aromatic intensity never previously attained in spirits.

To get to his vision, he blazed his original path. He went beyond conventions, faced risks.

He created a drink vibrant and spirited, yet smooth on the palate..

The drink he gave his name to.

At the edge of Europe, in the heart of the Aegean Sea, Muscat vineyards are nourished by the Sun, kept cool by the sea breeze, their roots piercing tough mineral soil. Yields are low, but of exceptional aromas and generous, concentrated flavours.

Vineyards are grown in miniscule, well-tended parcels, the size of gardens.

These are the “terraces” of the Aegean. Terraces are protected by stone walls that keep the soil from washing away.

The Muscat grapes are picked exclusively by hand.

Constantinos Raptis knows the secrets of METAXA like no one else. He carefully selects the noblest, most aromatic Muscat wines and sets them aside for his future blends


He picks the finest distillates one by one and patiently matures them in French Limousin oak casks.

Only when the time is right does he blend the aged distillates with the Muscat wines. He gives his blends more time to rest and brings in one last touch with a secret bouquet of infused May rose petals and Mediterranean herbs.

In 1888 Spyros Metaxa created, a smooth amber spirit.

This art of wine-making, distilling, ageing and blending creates the unique METAXA style.

Tasting Notes

NOSE: Floral character, orange blossom, roses and apricot, revealing notes of muscat and brioche.

PALATE: Balanced, with notes of peach and apricot, raisin and brioche

FINISH: Generous, with notes light oak and almond

THE IDEAL SERVE: Enjoy METAXA 5 STARS neat, on ice or with the light mixer of your choice.

Country:  Greece

Region: Aegean Islands

Producer: Metaxa Distillers

Bottling: Distillery Bottling

Style: Blended Brandy

Owner: Metaxa Distillers

Status: Operational

Age: not stated

Cask Type: 100% Limousin Oak Cask

Colour: Amber with a golden hue

Flavour Profile: Fruity

Allergens: Not Known

Bottle size: 70cl         abv:   38.0% abv

Metaxa 5* Brandy
Cellars: £28.25