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Torres 10  Imperial Brandy Gran Reserva.pdf

With the passing of time the elegant, round overtones of oak are fused, in close harmony with the strong spirituous aroma of venerable distillates that give character to Torres 10.

In 1946, despite a difficult and turbulent time in history, Miguel Torres Carbó created Torres 10, Brandy Torres's flagship brand. The meticulous selection of grapes, distillation and prolonged aging in top-quality oak casks make Torres 10 a spirit of extraordinary flavour and aroma.


The ageing is required in American oak casks using the traditional "solera" system; the oldest distillates are 10 years old. This method activates the ageing process so the vintage will exhibit all of the character of an aged brandy.

Solera  – minimum of 6 months oak ageing

Solera Reserva – minimum of 12 months oak ageing

Solera Gran Reserva – minimum of 26 months oak ageing

Tasting Notes

APPEARANCE: Dark Topaz with fine gold hints

NOSE: Strong aroma with warm hints of spices vanilla and cinnamon.

PALATE: Rounded and rich in tannins

FINISH: Lush and lingering in which the aromatic overtones are released

THE IDEAL SERVE: Serve straight up or on the rocks

Country:  Spain

Region: Penedes

Producer: Torrers Distillers

Bottling: Distillery Bottling

Style: Grape Brandy

Owner: Torres Distillers

Status: Operational

Grape Varieties: Xarrello, Parrellel, Macabeo

Age: at least 3 years

Cask Type: Oak Casks - Matured in the Solera System

Colour: Amber gold

Flavour Profile: Fruity

Allergens: None

Bottle size: 70cl         abv:   38.0% abv

Torres 10 Imperial Brandy
Gran Reserva
Cellars: £23.50