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The story of Williams GB Extra Dry Gin begins with vodka. It is a relatively unknown fact that gin is made from vodka, so, unlike other gins, Williams GB Extra Dry Gin is truly single-estate from field to bottle.

Unlike most distilleries, Chase opt out of buying in a readymade neutral grain spirit. In their quest for traceability in the industry, they use either Chase Original or Naked Chase Vodka as the base to our Williams Gins.

Opening the belly of the 250 litres Carter head style still, Ginny, is add in the raw spirit at 96% along with the same amount of water from the farm. The botanicals are stuffed into a pillow case and placed into the carter head, where the flavours are infused into the vapours passing through. This method provides a very floral style with great length and depth.

Infused juniper buds and berries are added to Chase Vodka for a dry finish, followed by 10 fine botanicals including; cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, almond, coriander, cardamom, cloves, liquorice and lemon.

Tasting Note

NOSE: Zesty citrus and warm spicy notes

PALATE: Juniper, dark chocolate and lemon; then rich spices

FINISH: Full bodied and robust with a dry finish

Serving Suggestion

Classic G & T 225ml Williams GB Gin topped with 200ml Fever-Tree Tonic served in a highball glass,

Garnish with fresh ginger and lemon.

Country: England

Region: Herefordshire

Producer: Chase Distillers

Style: Small Batch

Allergens: Not known

Bottle sizes: 70cl

abv:  40.0%

Williams GB Extra Dry Gin
Cellars: £37.75

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